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Whose adorning let it not be that outward adorning of PLAITING THE HAIR, and of WEARING OF GOLD, or PUTTING ON OF APPAREL;

But let it be the hidden man of the heart, in that which is not corruptible, even the ornaments of a meek and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God of great price -1 Peter 3:3-4

This is one of the verses used by some Christians to judge those who uses gold or plaits their hair.

You see, when you read Bible to judge or prove a point, you will read your own meaning into it.

Peter wasn’t condemning wearing of Gold of any kind; either earrings, golden wristwatch, neck chain etc. If he was condemning the use of gold, then he was also condemning the wearing of apparel.

Look at it carefully, he was saying our beauty should not be a function of what we use on ourselves outwardly but rather inner modesty and purification with outward display of good character.

If you read verse 4, it says let your adorning be that of the hidden man, that is, your spirit man that is in perfect state and bearing godly fruit. He wasn’t condemning every other things he mentioned in the verse.

Peter’s point was that Christian sisters should focus more on developing inner beauty garnished with meekness and humble spirit instead of focusing on outside make up and apparel.

We can do this by investing even more in buying books that develops our characters rather than spending everything on material things.

Peter was saying we should focus more on inner beauty than the make up camouflage, fancy body-shaped apparel etc.. These things aren’t bad on their own so far the life glorifies God.

Peter was saying again, if outward appearance is all you have got to offer, then, something is wrong. Inner beauty is godly character and that should be the main factor not the pancake.

Many professional prophet will tell you they have been to heaven and Jesus sent them to tell you that you are on your way to hell because you are plaiting your hair. All these are lies are from the pit of hell. Stop worrying yourself about fake revelation except you have personal reason for abstaining. If you don’t like it no problem but it is not a law or a sin to use them.

In the same verse 3 of 1 Peter, the writer mentioned three things
1. Plaiting of hair
2. Wearing of gold
3. Putting on of apparel

If you claim he is against plaiting of hair and wearing of gold, then he was also saying we should not put on apparel and we should all be walking around naked. Is that it?

About trouser

Bible has nothing and didn’t say anything about trouser. It only depends on types of trouser and motives behind wearing it.

Some trousers are devil’s design and some skirt are worst. Either skirt or trouser, both can communicate. It’s not about what you wear but the message it communicate to onlookers. You can’t explain your motive to everyone but people will judge by how you dress.

Modesty however is not abstaining from trousers. Trouser can be good and modest. Skirt can be seductive and destructive. Gown can be tempting and revealing. It’s not he type that matter but the usage

Trouser can be for smartness and fitting while some are just to arouse lust in the opposite sex. It all depends on the person and the motive.

Pls note ,when it is not acceptable in a society or gathering you found yourself, it’s better to obey and do it their way or leave the gathering.

Trouser or no trouser, evil has been before trouser. Sodom and Gomorrah sin were not as a result of ladies wearing trouser. Samson didn’t fall for Delilah because of her trouser. Sexual sin is not primarily because of trouser or gold, it is a thing of the heart.

There are ladies that their body shapes discourages wearing trouser. Wisdom is knowing when to do it and when not to do it.

But there is nothing in the Bible that talk about wearing or not wearing trousers. It is human being that created the doctrine out of nothing…

Isaac O. Agbenla
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