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Topic: How to know God’s will for your life – Part Two by Isaac O. Agbenla Bible: Ps 29:5

Topic: How to know God’s will for your life – Part Two by Isaac O. Agbenla  Bible: Ps 29:5

Topic: How to know God’s will for your life – Part Two

Isaac O. Agbenla

Bible: Ps 29:5

Today, we shall continue our teaching on Perfect will and imperfect will of God with biblical examples of imperfect will of God in the Bible and way out of such mistakes.

Continuing from Part 1

Dreams can also come through the devil and multitude of business. Therefore, if the dream is not from God, it is from the other two sources.

For example, in Job 7:14, Job says:

*“Then thou scarest me with dreams, and terrifies me through visions”…*

God was not the one afflicting Job but permitted devil to deal with Him. God knew about it but not the one directly scaring Him. Listen, if dreams bring fear and torment, devil is involve not God. Devil has deceived many people and made them to think that every dream is God trying to reach out to them.

Well, that is not the truth. Romans. 8:14 tells the number one way through which God leads His children.

*“For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the Sons of God*.

In fact, not as many that are led by pastors, prophets, teachers, evangelists, apostles. This is the opposite today, people are running from mountain to valley looking for prophecy and visions, May God have mercy on the Church.

In addition to that, dream comes through multitude of business- Eccl. 5:3. This is referring to dreams you have because of much activities or thought during the day. If you have been thinking about a particular brother and sister before sleep, you can dream of him or her. What you are pondering on during the day has tendencies of reoccurring during dreams.

Therefore, the best way to judge all dreams or voice is to relate it with the word and give it time. Many brothers jump out after having a dream just once about a sister and conclude she is the right woman. These gullible folks propose to them only to find out the invitation letter of the sister is already out and this leads to confusion. Don’t rush to conclusion, see to it that you listen to your inner man or heart much more than your head no matter the dream or voice. Be so sure before you make life choice because of dreams or voice you hear. Life is more precious than to take life decision base on one day dream.

You see, I have had many dreams about many sisters yet God wasn’t in any of it. I have personally learnt about dreams so it was easy for me to be careful and test it with time before making any move. Listen, when you have close relationship with opposite sex when you’re still believing God for future partner,there are tendencies that you will cumbered with thought that can provoke each dreams. A man/woman you had in mind before bed will say I do in your dream. Dream shouldn’t be taken as primary way of knowing future partner. It can be deceptive and manipulated by your own desire.

The way to be sure is by allowing Holy Spirit to lead you through your spirit man. Wait to see if you have peace inside of you. Peace many times is a sign of go ahead. When there is no peace, it means check and go back.

2. *Free will:* in Deut. 30:19, the bible says;

*“I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that i have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live*.

May people enter God’s imperfect will because God has given them opportunity to make choice for themselves.

In Ps 25:9, the bible says

*the meek will he guide in judgement: and the meek will teach His will*

If you need divine guidance, you have surrender your will before God’s will.

Many times, God’s will do not look best to carnal mind and many people because of this reject it for what their carnal mind dictate to them.

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