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Topic:  God’s way of paying back your enemies- By Isaac O. Agbenla

Good afternoon Saints,

Topic:  God’s way of paying back your enemies- By Isaac O. Agbenla

2 Thessalonians 1:6
*Seeing it is a righteous thing with God to recompense tribulation to them that trouble you;*

To revenge evil done to you is not a righteous thing before God but reporting the matter to God to avenge for you is a righteous thing as highlighted in the golden verse. The Bible says we must not pay evil with evil but God is permitted to judge those who trouble you.

To recompense means to take vengeance (for); to vindicate by inflicting pain or evil on a wrongdoer. This is not primarily talking about giving you gift in return for attack launched against you by your enemies. It is talking about God compensating your effort by taking the battle over from you. When your enemies plan your destruction, God will compensate you by sending destruction into their camp.

When princes gathered against Daniel to destroy him (Dan. 6), unknown to Daniel, God was planning equal compensation for his enemies. The destruction meant for Daniel was served to all his enemies with their families. They were all eaten by lions. That is godly compensation for your enemies.

What about Hebrews boys thrown into the furnace of fire? -Dan. 3. God made their enemies to replace them there.

Do you notice in the verse that it was talking about recompensing tribulation to your enemies not you? Yes. It’s your enemies God is talking about.

You see, it’s God’s responsibility to watch over his children. God can’t watch you die in the battle. He will fight for you if you invite him but many are doing the fighting by themselves and that is the cause of their incessant defeat.

To recompense also means to reward or repay someone for something done. Tribulation in the verse means affliction, trouble, anguish, persecution, burdened,to be afflicted.

Therefore, the Bible is saying that it is a good for God to repay those who do evil to you with afflictions, anguish, calamity etc.

Beloved, those who set trap to ruin you this year with meet their Waterloo. Destruction is coming upon every enemy of your destiny. Calamity will befall those who dug evil pit for you. Those who dug evil pit for you will fall into it. God is talking over your battle.

Ecclesiastes 10:8 says: *He that diggeth a pit shall fall into it; and whoso breaketh an hedge, a serpent shall bite him.*

Brethren, do you remember Mordecai and Haman story. Yes. Haman planted a gallow for Mordecai to be hanged upon but he and his families ended up hanged. That is the portion of those who troubles you this year in Jesus name.

What happened before God intervened in the battle between Mordecai and Haman? The entire Jews community went into prayer and fasting to subdue their enemies.

Beloved, do you have time for fasting and prayer? Some battles cannot be won by 5 minutes prayer. You need to seek the face of God. Most importantly, if you’re not genuinely born again, you have given your enemies a gap that will allow them to win the battle. Jesus is your best friend, accept him as Lord and Saviour and he will fight for you.

How can you accept him?

Believe that he died for your sins, confess your sins and invite Jesus to come into your heart. Simple. You can do it within a minute but if you refuse him, you will weep till eternity.

When you fight for your self, it is revenge but when God leads the fight for you, it is called defense. God can defend you where you cannot be.

Stay blessed
Isaac O. Agbenla
Oracle of God

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