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Title: Be hopeful by Isaac O. Agbenla  Bible: Romans 5:1-5

Title: Be hopeful by Isaac O. Agbenla  Bible: Romans 5:1-5

Title: Be hopeful by Isaac O. Agbenla 
Bible: Romans 5:1-5


Life is full of ups and downs. Some pursue till victory is guaranteed but quitters end up without getting to their promise land. Trials and temptations are natural phenomenon. The early we learn to deal with them, the better it is for us if we would ever make a mark on earth.

No mortal man is immune from unpleasant situations but individuals’ attitude to challenges determines the winners and the losers. God doesn’t tempt any man with evil (James 1:13) but if does allow the tempter -the devil to tempt us but He wouldn’t allow such temptation that we cannot bear to come our ways. God doesn’t try his children for the purpose of destroying (James 1:2-3) but to test their faith in Him. No matter what you are passing through today, I want you to know that it is not for your destruction but that the name of the lord might be glorified and that devil might be put to shame.

In job 1:6-12, God initiated the discussion that led to the trial of job. He was tried for 9 month yet he did not deny God. He lost everything to devil’s attack but his wife and his hope in God. God did not permit the devil to touch Job’s life and nothing else. The devil had privilege of killing Job’s wife but devil choose to spare the wifes’ life.
Do you know why? So that when all strategies has failed, the wife will be use as the last weapon of destroying job. Even in all of these devices of the devil, Job triumphed because of his hope in God. Don’t be surprise when your closest friend or family member is used by the devil.

Beloved, until you have lost hope, you have not lost anything. But when hope is lost, everything is almost lost because when you are hopeless, you are automatically helpless. It is hope that graduate to faith. Without hope there is no faith. If you don’t have hope, your faith is automatically dead. Because faith is the substance of things hope for and evidence of things not yet seen -Heb. 11:1. Hope therefore is like the rod needed to path the red sea. When no other thing is remaining to get out of your land of Egypt, use your hope. Likewise, hope is like the little morsel of flour that remains in the hand of that woman of zarephath.

Beloved, if you are going to loose anything in the battle font in life, never loose hope because in as much you are standing , it is a sign that there is hope for better tomorrow and to accomplish greater things. Listen, you ARE NOT DEFEATED UNTIL YOU HAVE LOST HOPE. SOMETIMES, WE EASILY FORGET THE GOODNESS AND KINDNESS OF GOD. If God has done it before, it is evidence that he can do it again. If it takes God just 6 days to create the whole world, he won’t need the whole month to turn around your situation for the best with infallible proofs.

Listen, it does not matter what the enemy has stolen from you, if he has not stolen your hope, he has not stolen anything because it is your hope that guarantee the recovery of every glorious things you have lost.

Thanks for reading.
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