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How to become a worthy vessel in God’s Vineyard by Isaac O. Agbenla

How to become a worthy vessel in God’s Vineyard by Isaac O. Agbenla

How to become a worthy vessel in God’s Vineyard by Isaac O. Agbenla

Bible: 1 Thess.5:23

*And the very God of peace sanctify you wholly; and I pray God your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ*
It is true that it is God who qualifies his vessel, in the same vein, God doesn’t call those that will not be worthy of his calling. In as much as availability is a condition for service, obedience in the heart is very crucial to walking with God.


It’s not possible to be separated unto God without being separated from the world. The first thing God does with his vessel to be used, is to purge and wean them from sin. No one can walk with God while dwelling with the world. 1 Thes. 5: 23 says, that the very God of peace may sanctify you wholly…… To sanctify means to set apart. It is difficult to be an elect of God and set apart for God if there is no desire to do away with sin. God needs a willing heart that is ready to leave his/her sinful life to help. To desire sanctification is our responsibility but the grace to live right in rooted in our faith in Christ Jesus.

For example, God desires to use a particular lady years ago at University of Ibadan, God desires that she lives right but she was engrossed with the pleasure of the world. One day she went to use toilet on campus and when she opens the closet, she found it so dirty that she could not continue because of the state. As she turned back to go, she heard the voice of God, why didn’t you use the toilet? she replied, it is too dirty and God replied her, that is how I have wanted to use you but you are too dirty to be used for the assignment I have for you. That was the day she sought the Lord and became sanctified. There are many people like that in church today, they are church goers but live a different lifestyle compare to what the bible encourages.


Beloved, what is God saying concerning you? Maybe you have deliberately chosen to defile the temple of God with sin. Indulging in immorality and watching of sexual perverted films will ruin the plan of sanctification God has for you. Until you are determined to leave the world, you can’t be worthy of God’s calling. You cannot help yourself because by strength shall no man prevail but you must ask for help genuinely from the helper of the helpless. When you’re willing to leave that sinful life, God is willing to liberate you from the shackles of the enemy.


What is the qualifications for sanctification unto God?
In Thes.5:22, the bible says “abstain from all appearances of evil”.


To abstain means to stay clear, avoid, run away from evil. It means to avoid any connection or relationship with evil or an evil doer. Appearances of evil under this context is from the Greek word eidos which means shape, sight, fashion. This may not go well with some people but check it out in the Greek. So therefore, God is instructing us against sighting and fashioning after evil. It includes bad fashion, sight and unnecessary creating attention through bad dressing.

There is what is called attire of an harlot- Proverb 7:10 says:
And, behold, there met him a woman with the attire of an harlot, and subtil of heart.

It is clear here that some clothes belongs to the harlots. You cannot represent God with such attire. You cannot be Christ ambassador by featuring in such devil designed clothing materials. Prostitute also called harlot uses such clothes for advisement of their products. As Christ Ambassadors, we are not selling anything but the gospel of Christ. It is therefore important to note that you cannot serve good food with dirty plate and give good water from the toilet. God forbid. Where the food and water are coming from is important and determines if people will buy.

Beloved, there are places where God cannot be found. He is everywhere but his presence is not everywhere. Wherever Holy Spirit is not in control is not a place to be. God is not in the shrine. He is not in the bear parlour or prostitute closet. They can call on God from there for salvation but he is not dwelling in their tabernacle.

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