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Love is defined by tiny little things…

One of the most precious moments in marriage is ironing your wife’s outfit for Church service. I dream of doing this all the time, asking her what she will love to wear so I can iron them along with mine. For most men, in many cases, we just want to know what she’ll be wearing so we can try and fit in a pair of pants or shoes to match the colour of her outfit, atleast we have to try. Sunday mornings are just another opportunity to love each other all over and over again…

I do not worry about the big expectations of what love should be, and how it is meant to be expressed, my heart is already given to the little acts of random love expressions we show each other each day. I believe, and this is very true for anyone with an open heart of understanding, that It is better to have tiny mobile pieces of love scattered all over your relationship, or marriage, than to have ONE big immovable mountain of love fixed at a spot in your relationship.

Mobile pieces of love follows you everywhere you go, many times you will even find them waiting for you upfront, other times you will have to carry them along; tiny pieces of love like ironing her dress for Service, cleaning his shoes, matching his tie, opening the car door, pulling out her chair at the restaurant, zipping up her bra strap, and yes the hardest part of all – waiting for her patiently for 2 hours to finish her makeup without complaining or threatening to drive off, this alone takes a supernatural amount of grace. Although they may be very tiny pieces of kindness, they are mobile, and they can be moved, which makes it impossible to feel unloved at any time in your relationship. But when all you have is ONE VERY BIG MOUNTAIN of love that cannot be moved; mountains like the Christmas season, Valentine’s day, anniversaries, and birthdays. The only times you feel loved is when you are on top of the mountain, or when the mountain is on top of you; for some people that can so forget important love dates. 😌😌😌😌

Please take this from me with your heart: if you want to enjoy a lasting, happy, love relationship or marriage, look for love in tiny little things, not in big mountains. You know that thing they say about creating a mountain out of a molehill? This is one perfect place where that can be applied in your favour. A perfect place to make little acts of kindness that seem unimportant to look very mighty. If you can Mignify those tiny little molehills of love, and replicate them all over your relationship, awwhhhhuuhh, you will be creating mountains that can move!!! 😍😍😍

By the way, I’ve been trying to iron this Choco’s wrap top and it’s not straighting. Don’t even bother coming to advice me I have given up already, she’ll wear it laidat and go to Church 😀😀😀😂.

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