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Don’t Compromise by Isaac O. Agbenla

Don’t Compromise by Isaac O. Agbenla

Hello Saints,

Thanks for your encouragement in 2018.

This Morning, I want to encourage you on the need to stand for God in the midst of trials and temptations

Beloved, there is nothing you are facing that others have not conquered. It’s just a phase and it will soon be over.

If you COMPROMISE today, you may end up loosing the PROMISE of God that should COME to pass in the future.

Before God will trust you with everything, he will test your loyalty and consecration to His words, His kingdom and to everything that pertains to life.

God preference is not base on connection and that is why General Overseers are not automatically succeeded by their own sons.

God’s election cannot be manipulated by man. He chooses those he has tried their heart and found nothing but true love towards his course of earth. Your father’s relationship or family name will not guarantee you a place in God’s divine order except you pay the price to be there- Acts 1:23-26

Standing for God today as a young man or woman will rewarded bountifully at the end no matter how long. It is your consecration today that determines your promotion tomorrow. Your present state is the function of your past decisions.

God sees your temptations. He is watching your decisions during secret trials when nobody is there just as Joseph was keenly observed by patriarch in heaven when Portiphar’s wife tempted him (Heb.12:1). Had it been Joseph enjoyed the succulent touches of his Master’s wife, he would have ended up a failure and celebrated house keeper when he is destined to lead the world as Prime Minister.

Listen, you will never understand what you loose by compromising.

What you loose through sexual immorality is more than what you desire for your future. If devil can secure your soul through disobedience to God, he can trap your destiny with 5-10 minutes pleasure.

Devil has always been in the business of enticing young ladies and gentlemen with shadows of the reality God has for them

Listen, there is nothing that is not enough today that will not be more than enough tomorrow.

Personally, I remembered how I denied myself of luxurious benefits just remain morally upright. Wore single trousers for months and lived in hardship to ensure God’s name is glorified through my life. It pays off.

Don’t mind me, I was so much engrossed with my faith in Christ my Saviour. So I said to the Lord, If you can’t take care of me, let me die. So it was till today, I don’t still know how to depend on mortal man and that I am saying with all humility.

It was the toughest time in my entire life but glory to God I overcame few years after.

You see, there is no shortcut to divine lifting. You have to follow the part of honour to end up in honour. Judas wanted to be rich ahead of his contemporaries and ended up hanging himself

Why the story, I have choice either to choose my SALVATION OR THE PLEASURE OF THE WORLD. I choose my Salvation and today, I have touched lives and still touching on every continent through my salvation experience & my daily broadcast that reaches every continent.

My advise for you:

In every circumstances you find yourself, choose to please God not your immediate needs.

The Choice is yours.

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Isaac O. Agbenla

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