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Divine Encounter PASTOR J.T KALEJAIYE Topic: The First Fish

Divine Encounter  PASTOR J.T KALEJAIYE Topic: The First Fish

Divine Encounter
Topic: The First Fish
Text: Matt 17: 24-27

I will like us to take our case study from fishes

1) They are used for Feeding
2) As transport as in the case of Jonah
3) They can be used as employment opportunity
4) They are used as bait to catch bigger fishes
5) They are used as treasury

Let us focus on a fish as a treasury maker, taking a cue from the story of Peter in Matt 17: 24-27

Why the first fish?
1) The first fish was desirable
2) The first fish was loaded
3) it was a special fish
4) it terminated empty Labour
5) it is a silencer.

To get the best fish, you must take note of the following
1) you need Divine Direction
2) You need to be completely Obedient
3) There must be a discovery before a recovery. Peter discovered the first fish before recovering the money.
4) Before you can discover the first fish, there must be a casting. Peter casted his hook before catching the first fish. Hard work is important.

Peter understood the place of giving before receiving, he gave a bait. The principle of give and take applies here. There must be a bait to catch the first fish.

Indeed it is when you cast that you can catch. Get ready for the first fish, but also make your casting.

Thank the Lord for what he has done for you since the beginning of this year. Thank him for what he did here on Thursday and Friday.

Father, please let the fish that carries my money swim towards me this year in the name of Jesus.

Father, please let the desirable be made available to me this year in the name of Jesus.

Speak to those problems that followed you to 2019 and say “I command you to receive a Divine solution now, in the name of Jesus”

Father, please give me miracles that will silence my enemies this year, in the name of Jesus.

If you are still out there and you have not given your life to Christ, you have an opportunity to do so now, please come forward quickly.

I speak with Authority and Grace from this Altar and decree, every problem that has followed you to this altar they are over.

With God all things are possible, He said ask and you will receive. Ask Him what you desire, He can hear you, ask Him.

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