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10 things to do when prayer seem hard by Damilola Oluwatoyibo

10 things to do when prayer seem hard by Damilola Oluwatoyibo

My heart goes out to the many people who are going through a variety of challenges or changes and can’t seem to pray.

Sometimes, it’s not even what we’re going through that keeps us in that “zone” We just can’t seem to put ourselves together to pray.

Sometimes, even the “Prayer warriors” among us don’t FEEL like praying.
Here are 10 SUGGESTIONS you can explore if you’re there now or if you ever find yourself there.

1. Find out why. Are you angry, disappointed, tired, anxious, overwhelmed?
Whatever the reason is, that could actually be your first prayer point.

2. Listen to music that magnifies God in Christ.
Avoid listening to music that weighs you down and reminds you of all your troubles.

3. Write out 5 things you’re grateful for.
The breath you’re drawing each moment is a good one to start with.

4. Tell someone to pray for (and or with) you- a friend, a mentor, accountability partner or spiritual leader.

5. Join a HOT prayer call online- hosted by your local church or mentors on Social Media. I’m talking about one that stirs up fire in your heart.

6. Be still.
Sometimes, your mind is racing so fast and anxiety chokes out the desire to pray.
Stillness allows you regain proper perspective.

7. Write out your prayer. Write a letter to God.
You may be pleased to realize that God can read too😊

8. Head to a gathering of faith.
Fellowships, church meetings and conferences often provide an infusing of spiritual energy that could help you JumpStart.

9. Cry.
Yes, cry. It could help you ease off pent-up tension and emotions, clearing your mind of the prayer hurdles.

10. Read this post again😆

Pastor Dami Ouwatoyinbo

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