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How to Avoid The Wrong Ship in life : by Isaac O. Agbenla Jonah 1-5

How to Avoid The Wrong Ship in life : by Isaac O. Agbenla  Jonah 1-5


There are many ships in life. Some good and some bad. That is why some end up meat for the fishes, some as a slave in the world, some in marital bondage while some in financial captivity. Some living but full of regrets.

We cannot but be in friendSHIP, relationSHIP, partnerSHIP, courtSHIP, fellowSHIP etc. We cannot stop being in different kinds of ships at different times in our journey in life but we can choose the kind of people we want to join in the ship.

When you enter any kind of ship with someone like Jonah, you need not be told that the end of such friendship, courtship, partnership or relationship will be stormy. Either we know or pretend not to know, *Jonah has been marked for destruction if he will not change his mind*. Who are your closest friends? Are they going in the same direction as you? Is that your friend willing to help you achieve your visions or want to give you an alternative to what God has given you?

*Jonah had a relationship with God. Don’t be deceived, you can meet people like that in Church. They may be the leader of the choir, ushering and even Pastor or Reverend*. They know God but just won’t obey nor keep His commandments. When you enter relationship with such individual thinking he is also sent to Nineveh ( a city Jonah was originally to, to fulfill God’s plan and purpose for his life) and believing you are in the same race, you will be surprised he is only out there to ruin God’s plan for your life and then drop down from the ship.

You can be a young man or woman following such relationship to the detriment of your glorious future. *Jonah maybe that boyfriend that promise you love but instead using your body to satisfy his sexual desires. Such friendship or relationship many times leaves an indelible mark in the life of one party.*

Many Jonah like that have caused many ladies to lose their womb to abortion, some become discarded before they meet the *Mr right* while some men who trod the path of Delilah-kind of women were reduced to piece of bread labouring all their lives under a closed heaven.

No amount of sermon will change the heart of some people who are destined to capsize with Jonah. You see, when you are in a relationship with a man or woman and you are been used as a sex slave, you are heading for total destruction.

• *Never enter a SHIP with Jonah so that your life will not be stormy. Take every Jonah from your life so that you will arrive safely at the end of your life.*

• Avoid Achan in your ship in 2020 so that you will not be defeated in life. *If you are in a relationship with a fraudulent man or woman and you pretend as if you don’t know, you are playing with lion’s tail*. *Remember, all the families of Achan perished together with him*.

• Don’t ever enter a RELATIONSHIP with Amnon, he will only be after your body. You are only a short time solution to his sexual satisfaction. When you are in a relationship with a man who engages you in sexual immoralities before marriage, you are nothing but a sex slave helping him to gratify over his body desires. You are in a trap that can lead to future regret.

Many are the embodiment of sorrow and regret because someone has stolen their pride. The unfortunate thing about such a partnership is that the young man/woman can have the right person he/she wants to marry somewhere kept untouched while you are just for test.

In 2020, beware. Going to Church is not equal to salvation except your works can prove that you are born again. This warning might look insignificant but I have seen many with stories of bitterness that emanated from wrong association with Jonah kind of people. If you ignore the truth about your relationship, time will tell.

*Timely Warning*

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Oluwaseun Isaac Agbenla

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