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How many push-up bras do you have? By: Allison Hyacintho 

How many push-up bras do you have?  By: Allison Hyacintho 


Dear tear rubber bride,
How many push-up bras do you have?

By: Allison Hyacintho 

Copied from Facebook Post

I feel God’s strong move in my spirit to call your attention to this on behalf of your fresh hubby. This is something he may never open up to tell you for fear of killing your emotional drive, or worse still, make you feel insecure about your body when you’re around him.

Listen, forget about the mighty gifts and loud cheers you got on your precious wedding day. Forget about the cash you were sprayed and the brown envelopes you received, trust me those monies won’t carry you beyond two months in marriage, if you’re in doubt you can ask the folks who were joyfully dancing on money at their wedding reception, it won’t take long for you to realise that dawn comes after you pay the light bill twice.

So forget all that, these are the three most important things you need to sustain your new home right now; Your God, your Character, and very importantly, your PUSH-UP BRAS.

There is only one rule of sexual attraction that is common to both natural and spiritual men. One strong rule that applies to us all, whether you’re with a man who is lukewarm in spirit, or a man who has swallowed the entire Bible, one universal rule Unites our sexual drive, and that is, “men are attracted by what they see.” Always remember this, it doesnt matter if you married a Bishop, a pastor or the national speaking in tongues coordinator, never forget this rule, even if you married a fire-branded man who eats annointing oil with bread, this rule applies to him as well. So do not neglect the days of your push-up bras, if old things must pass away please let this one remain. Buy and wear them around the house as much as you can, package the image of God and be flashing it at his face frequently. Most men don’t even know that ‘as it is at the top, it is not the same at the bottom’ (if you understand this, hallelujah 😆😂😁) from what we see at the top we just assume it is a full coverage.😝😝😝 keep looking your best for him, he may have had his EYES fixed on God when he was wooing you, but trust me his SIGHTS was also fixed on the things he saw too, so do not dime those lights.

Take this little secret from me: to keep a man sexually attracted to you, I mean any man, whether natural or spiritual, you will have to do all you can to make sure that what he saw in the beginning is consistent with what he is seeing now. See, men have mental pictures of their woman in their heads. If the mental image he has of you is like a strong pillar, if you know what I mean 🤣🤣🤣, he will become less and less attracted to you if you keep flashing ‘Olympus has fallen’ in his face. For a spiritual man, this does not mean that he will start cheating on you, naaa, he will just stop looking at you the cheeky way he used to when he was asking for a pizza date, and that my dear fresh bride, Is not a mental place you want your man to be.

So I ask again, how many push-up bras do you have?

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