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Meditations on Psalm 23 By Isaac O. Agbenla

Meditations on Psalm 23  By Isaac O. Agbenla

Meditations on Psalm 23

By Isaac O. Agbenla 

The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want.

Who is a Shepherd?

The one who leads the sheep. The shepherd is responsible for the direction the sheep will follow to where their pasture will be available on daily basis.

Beloved, If Jesus is your shepherd; you can’t lack any good thing of life. A sheep does not have to beg the shepherd before they find pasture. It is the responsibility of the Shepherd to provide for the sheep.

Listen, though every shepherd has responsibility of providing for the flocks but the sheep can only lead those sheep that obey his directive.

This is a major problem and reason why many believers are struggling for daily food. They are not listening to the voice for the shepherd. They are doing every thing with their own strength. They rely more on their expertise than on the wisdom of God. They are not asking God for direction but embarking on journey of futility year in and year out.

If God is your shepherd, then you must be ready to obey him in the journey as he leads. Every sheep that want lead the shepherd will get lost. You’re to follow Jesus not wanting to dictate for him.

You see, It is better to follow the shepherd gently and arrive safely than to rush ahead of him and miss your way in life. Don’t be too hurry to get there. Allow the Shepherd to lead as your follow.

Many of us want to have things done in our own way and expect God to still bless that thing. It doesn’t work that way. It is either His leading or you’re leading. When you’re leading, Jesus will take back seat but when you surrender all to him, he will lead you to where your food is waiting on daily basis and make sure you arrive safely in all issues of life.

This is 2019, do you want to allow Christ to rule in your life or you want to do it your own way?

Before you can say, you shall not want, you must be sure the Lord is indeed your shepherd and the King in your life.

Have you surrendered all to Jesus? It starts with Salvation. Say this prayer of submission.

Father, I come to you today, I surrender myself before the cross of Calvary. I want you to take everything about me and make them yours. I belongs to Christ and accept Jesus into my heart today in Jesus name. Amen
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