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Testimony ( Patiently Read)

My name is Grace Ene Oche, Victoria Island, Lagos. Listen carefully and I will tell you how I spent one month with an angel in Lagos.
It started last year, 2017 when I was neck deep in acute frustration that affected every area of my life. I actually had graduated from Benue state Poly, Ugbokolo seven years ago, yet without certificate because the school authority said they did not find my name. I experienced an alarming degree of disfavour that made it impossible to stay on a job for more than three months at a stretch. I had a series of vibrant relationships that always hit the wall on the verge of wedding. Feeding was a huge challenge so I consequently had a buggy stomach ulcer that reduced me to a fritter resulting in regular insult and mockery from ‘friends’ which led to more heartbreak.
Although, I was doing well before as a single lady and had severally travelled to the village during Christmas to lavish my fortune on family, friends and relations, but never knew that my destiny had been attacked spiritually during one of my routine escapades to the villa resulting in limitations, retrogression and disfavour. Being spiritually naïve, I never related any of my mysterious experiences to a suspected spiritual attack until I began to experience some strange encounters in a dream, and guess what happened?
I was bound with fetters hands and feet, confined in captivity in a dream when a total stranger appeared, loose my chains, released me from the solitary confinement and surprisingly introduced himself ‘I am Dr Paul Enenche, the killer of witches and wizards worldwide. I got up from my bed totally bewildering. Meanwhile I had not heard or seen Dr Paul Enenche for the first time all my life, neither did I know anything about his personality or profile. To allay my curiosity, I then made a call to my sister in Abuja and narrated my encounter with a stranger who introduced himself to me as Dr Paul Enenche in a dreams, previous night. She told me that Dr Paul Enenche is the pastor of Dunamis Church in Abuja, a powerful man of God whose deliverance ministries span across diverse issues including spiritual bondages and captivity. She sent me a transport fare to join her in Abuja to possibly see the man of God.
When I arrived the city of Abuja, the next day, we headed straight for the church at area 1, Garki, the headquarters pastored by Dr Paul Enenche, the senior pastor worldwide. Surprisingly I found myself amidst a mammoth crowd who had abandoned businesses on a Tuesday morning in an excruciating and scorching economy like Nigeria to settle down for church services, that was when it dawn on me that I was in for a serious business.
But to my chagrin, here was a voice telling me to quickly leave the church or else I would be disgraced. The more I tried to ignore the voice the louder and more profound was the sound that I bolted out of the church before my sister intercepted me and then got me planted in between two people to stall my attempts. Not long after, the church service that I later knew as Tuesday healing and deliverance service kicked off; praises and worship began and then proceeded with a barrage of testimonies with mammoth testifiers on a long queue. Later there were forceful prayers and ministrations by the man of God, Dr Paul Enenche. Amidst the torrents of those forceful prayers I slummed down under the anointing and headed straight to the village in the realms of the spirit with the man of God whose eyes were flaming like a wild fire. And suddenly there was a commotion in my family compound when three different familiar faces among my kinsmen took the turn to release certain materials in their custody back to me. Take your money, take your marriage, take your certificate, they said, each struggling to release faster before the angry man behind me took vengeance on him.
Both of us briskly travelled back to Abuja in spirit after the dramatic exchange and I stood up from the floor where I had been unconscious under the anointing, and then heard the man of God inviting to the front of the church anyone who had fell under the anointing, and here were the ushers dragging me to the altar alongside several others while the man of God, Dr Paul Enenche took the turn praying for each of us and declaring that any of our belongings in the hands of strangers were released back to us, and to further consolidate my encounters he blew a breeze into my palms and said you shall never see stagnation again, no more limitations and behold there was a quick infusion of fire into the palm of my right hand while I collapsed under the power for the second time.
I went back to Lagos but the same night, when I arrived Lagos, behold the man of God, Dr Paul Enenche appeared to me again, called my native name, Ene, why did’t you like to collect your certificate from your former school? I complained to him that I had made several failed attempts to pick my certificate and a particular woman had always kicked me out of the office, that she could not find my name. Then the man of God said ‘how much would take you from Lagos to Benue state’ and I said, ten thousand naira. I continued, five thousand naira to, five thousand naira fro. He dipped his hand in the pocket and dipped ten thousand naira in new currency in my hands, and said go back for your certificate and if that woman told you she could not find your name, tell her to lift those three long books on the desk and your name is inside one of the books. As I was about leaving, he called me back and said, take this additional two thousand naira in case you would need to take some water on your way.
The following morning, as I woke up from the bed, behold my former lecturer from school called me and said Ene, why did you stop coming for your certificate? I told him that I was tired, moreover, I did not have transport fare any more. So he asked me to forward my account number and shortly after, ten thousand naira hit my account. The next day I left Lagos for Benue state.
Arriving the school the same woman who always kicked me away reacted again but I told her ‘my father in the Lord said that you should lift those three long books on the desk and my name is inside one of them’ she did as I told her and behold my name was found. I got my certificate and went back to Lagos.
Same night, in a dream, behold the man of God appeared to me again, smiled and called my native name, Ene, tomorrow you would be going for an interview, he then brought out a piece of paper and showed me a company logo, and said this is the company where you would work.
I got up the following morning, as early as 7am and three different companies called me on phone and said that they would like to have me for an interview. I was surprised and then called my sister to ask whether she submitted my CV to any organisation but she said no. So I quickly prepared and set out to the address I was given by one of the callers, but there was no money for transport. I came out to the road and said ‘oh God of my father in the Lord, Dr Paul Enenche, you had said that I would not be stagnated or limited again, please help me to attend this interview. Few minutes after my prayer, behold a car pulled up and parked in front of me; beckoned at me to come onboard for a lift. When I looked at the driver’s face, I saw the face of Dr Paul Enneche, when I looked again, I saw another face, so after a while I picked courage and boarded. As we took off, the man began to encourage me saying that I would not see limitation or stagnations again in my life, and then slotted a gospel CD into the car stereo and played some encouragement tracks to me. As we drove off, I told him where I was going, he quickly affirmed that he knew exactly where I was going and took me straight there. When I stepped out of the car, she said to me bye-bye, meaning that he was leaving.
I had my interview and behold the company logo was exactly what I was shown previously in the dream, and without wasting time I was simply asked to name my salary which I did and got my appointment letter printed on the spot. I left the office and got to the garage only to see the man still waiting for me and once I named my address he drove me straight to my house.
My angel continued to take me to and fro the office every day and always took me out where I would have my meals paying for the food for complete one month. At the end of the month, I got my first salary and called him that I had my salary now. When he came to my house he said, ‘now you have a salary and you can take care of yourself, and left. After day till now his phone number has refused to go through.
A few days later, the man of God, Dr Paul Enenche appeared to me again in a dream and brought out a picture of a man; a military officer, and said, this is your husband, he would soon come for you, I want you to marry him. That same week, the man appeared, and it was exactly the picture I was shown in my previous dream. Now we are about wedding, this December, 2018.
Finally, in another dream, Dr Paul Enenche appeared and said to me, Ene, don’t be like the ten lepers, your miracle was a result of another person’s testimony, meaning that I should share this testimony, so I had to travel from Lagos back to the church in Abuja to share this testimony

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