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Secret of Victorious New Year Part 2 by Isaac O. Agbenla

Secret of Victorious New Year Part 2 by Isaac O. Agbenla

Secret of Victorious New Year Part 2 by Isaac O. Agbenla

Bible: Prov.1:24-26

Because I have called , and ye refused; I have stretched out my hand, and no man regarded; 25. But ye have set at NOUGHT ALL MY COUNSEL, and would none of my reproof: 26. I will also LAUGH AT YOUR CALAMITY; I WILL MOCK WHEN YOUR FEAR COMETH.

The easiest relationship on earth is relationship between man and God because it is 100% for the benefit of man and all needed instruction are already stated before the relationships starts. One of the reason for constitution in every institution is to avoid breach of rules that can resort in chaos. The kingdom of God is not an exemption because God desires that we live in peace with Him and our fellow human.

The major cause of frustration and human devaluation in the world today is nothing but disobedience to God’s precepts and instruction.

*Every success and successful book ever written on earth has input drawn from the bible*. As a reader, I have seen major motivational books on success having their main text extracted from the book of proverbs and Ecclesiastes. In fact, many Principles adopted by great men and woman both believers and unbelievers have their root in the bible.

From the text, we see God saying he has called and stretch his hand but man has refuse his counsel. Negligence towards God’s word will produce nothing but a life of futility. Disobedience to God’s Command is the beginning of life of regret. when God says don’t commit fornication or adultery, does he have any biological daughter or son you will defile? Is he trying to protect himself or you?

Listen, God has nothing to loose by our disobedience to his word but we have everything to loose. Either we make heaven or not, it won’t change God’s Plan forever.

To be fruitful and not suffer defeat this year, let the word of God guide you. Don’t wink at the commandment of God. If you laugh at his command today, he will laugh at your groanings tomorrow.

Prov.1: 26 says;


Many of us today regret of our past and would have wished we don’t take such steps we took years ago. Some people refused God’s plan for them. Some don’t live holy because of the cares of this world.

Some say it is old fashion to wait till wedding night before consummation of the marriage vows. Some will even say, God doesn’t understand what am passing through, if He knows, he wouldn’t have written some portion of the bible for us. Well, the bible says Acts 15:18;

*Known unto God are all his works from the beginning of the world*

Finally brethren, do you want to finish this year well and strong with testimonies abounding? Take God’s instruction serious. Devil knows he can’t win a battle over your life when you are walking in the light of the word of God. You only become a captive when you stray away from the path of truth and align yourself with the works of darkness.

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