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HAPPY NEW YEAR Topic: Secret of a glorified New Season

HAPPY NEW YEAR  Topic: Secret of a glorified New Season


Topic: Secret of a glorified New Season

Bible: Proverb 1:23

*Turn you at my reproof: behold, I will pour out my spirit unto you, I will make known my words unto you”.

The smartest way to enjoy divine guidance in this new season is to learn to do it the way God want it done. I want to admonish you never to walk in this new year by common sense alone because it is a simple way to end up a common man. Nothing makes your journey Smooth and easy like knowing what to do and doing it diligently.

To enjoy divine backing this year, you need to be humble before God. God resists the proud and gives grace to the humble. (James 4:7). Every form of arrogance always bring setback in life. If you are too big to obey God, you are too big to be helped. If you are too big to be corrected by the Lord , then it may be too difficult for you to finish well.

What has God been warning you to stop doing ? Don’t harden your heart this new season. Anytime we walk in disobedience, we suffer human frustration and molestation. Be careful of those you walk with in this year. Your life may not be much better than the life of people you call your best friend.

In our golden verse, the first phrase says; *Turn you at my reproof*………..

In NIV version it says, * Repent at my rebuke* Brethren, Pls, repent of what God is rebuking you for. Don’t start new year pouring new wine into old bottle. It will contaminate it.

Start afresh with God and amend your ways if you do not want to be molested by the adversary. Enough of bad habit that has grounded your Christian testimony. You are fire branded in church but a pet to devil in your bedroom. Enough of enduring captivity in the name of weakness. Stop it before it stops you.

The Second phrase says; ….behold, I will pour out my spirit unto you……

Remember, rebuke and repentance comes before pouring out of God’s spirit. Don’t just fast and pray this year if you won’t repent at his rebuke. We celebrate fasting in this part of the world with little manifestation of the gift of the Holy Spirit in our midst. God doesn’t anoint because you are fasting but because you are obedience and has a teachable spirit. God will never deposit a gift in you when you are disobedience to his word because that will make you uncontrollable when power begin to surge. That was devil’s case.

Finally, last phrase says, …. I will make known my words unto you.

To enjoy understanding and revelation from scripture, you must always be ready to repent at the rebuke of the Lord. Listen, if you refuse to change after knowing the truth about a portion in God’s word, there is no point showing you more.

If you can’t keep the ones you know, you don’t need more revelation. You see, reading bible for 10 hours does not equal understanding, many read like literature. The letter kills , it the spirit that makes alive.

To enjoy the spirit of the word of God in this new year, be ready to be totally committed to the word and precepts of the Lord. To enjoy divine direction in all areas of life, seek the Lord diligently.

From me and my family, I am wishing you a glorious Year.

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Isaac Oluwaseun Agbenla

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