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When God is Silent Part 9: Alone with God by Isaac O. Agbenla

When God is Silent Part 9: Alone with God by Isaac O. Agbenla

Today’s Devotional Message
Topic: When God is Silent Part 9

Sub Topic: Alone with God
Bible Text: 1 Chr. 28:9, 16:11
By: Isaac O. Agbenla

In our previous studies, we have considered humility and repentance as remedy for God’s silent. Today, we shall consider being alone with God as another way of restoring our fellowship and communication with God.

In 1 Chronicles 28:9, the Bible says:
……… If you seek him (God), he will be found of thee; but if thou forsake him, he will cast thee off forever.

Do you notice the Bible says “if you seek him, you will find him”? This phase further establishes the fact that God is available to those who will genuinely seek his face in humility and true repentance. Many religion uses sacrifice to appease their gods but God Almighty needs no sacrifice except the blood sacrifice shed on the cross of Calvary. But the seeker must seek with humble and concrete spirit.

Is God silent over an issue you are seriously seeking direction for? Seek the Lord. You see, to seek is more tasking than to ask. In Matthew 7:7, the bible says: ask and it shall be given unto you, seek and you will find, knock and it shall be open unto you. Ask, Seek and Knock are three different realms of prayer. I wish to discuss it some other time. But Asking is the junior brother of Seeking. Seeking requires effort and more concentration. It requires patience and total attention. If you are seeking the Lord therefore, it has to be the Lord and not social media or Africa Magic. When you are seeking the Lord, attention must be on God through meditation on the word and through prayers. Seeking the Lord takes longer time than asking. It may require you to shut down every other things to give your request total and absolute concentration. You can ask in a minutes but seeking may go for hours or days. How important is the issue to you?

One major challenge with us as Christians is that: we are always in hurry whenever we are in God’s presence. We are not in hurry at the cinema or playground but we check the time for pastor or ourselves in the place of fellowship.

You see, some challenges make require 5mins prayer and some others 5 hours or 3 days. You see, we determine how long we are going to wait in the waiting queue of manifestation. The result of some prayers is hanging because no prayer offered after the first time. Daniel didn’t stop praying until an angel came down to deliver his request-Dan. 6. If Daniel had stopped, the destiny of the people would have entered waiting list.

Brethren, it is better to seek the face of God for three days with solution than to wander for three years without divine direction. That is the story of many Christians today. They are doing everything with common sense and that is why their story has remained common people’s story. Even when there is no urgent need, it is not bad if we choose to seek the face of the Lord for the next three days asking him: what is your plan for me in 2019

Beloved, take time out this season to seek the face of the Lord concerning those things that is bringing tears to your face. You don’t have to continue with the agony in the new year. You have watched enough Africa Magic, you need to seek God for Miraculous intervention.

The bible says: “if” you seek. It is an open chequebook. You have choice. It is if you seek that you will found. When you lost something and you are searching for it, you know how you search fort it voraciously. That is what it means to seek. Search scriptures daily and with total focus. Search everything searchable and pray anything pray-able. There must not be any carry over in this new season.

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