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The Fruit of My Obedience to God by W.F Kumuyi

The Fruit of My Obedience to God by W.F Kumuyi

The Fruit of My Obedience to God
W.F Kumuyi

Look up here for a moment!
Without obedience from my early Christian life, you will not be here, I will not be here talking to you.

I had a father, (my) natural father, powerful, firm, authoritative and when he said ‘do this’! You had to do that. That was my father. We were going to a particular church and I saw… we go on Sunday, if we had any problem during the week, my father will go the natural way, the native way. If we children were sick, he will give us some kind of concoction.

I was very young, I wasn’t born again but I began to read the Bible and I saw, this is wrong…and so he will give me those things, I will drop them somewhere. I couldn’t tell him that I wasn’t going to use that. I wasn’t born again and then I became born again and then I went to my father, I said ‘Dad, you know what? Now, I am born again… And then I said ‘No more of this, no more of this, no more of that’. For the first time in my life, I could say no to what was wrong. That was my father and then eventually when he looked at the way I spoke, he understood a change had taken place in my heart. On the basis of understanding. God had spoken to me, I was going to obey.

Then I happened to be under an atheist, my principal (Dr Tai Solarin). That was another man, a great figure in my life and that man was not an ordinary atheist, he was a militant atheist and he told all the members of staff, he said ‘This is what to do’. Now I was born again. When I was a student in that school, I wasn’t born again…as a student I did quite a lot of things.

Number one thing, I went back to the principal and I confessed and made restitution of all the sins that I did as a student and then eventually I became a teacher there and all the other teachers, he will tell them ‘come on Sunday’, nobody goes anywhere we have days work to do on Sunday and then on Saturday, we started that work. I will say ‘Sir, tomorrow Sunday, I am a Christian, I worship God on Sunday from early morning till late at night and then I will not be here on Sunday, I will go to Church. I come back on Monday and continue my work…and all my students that I taught in the Scripture Union, I told them ‘You are born again, here is what to do…under the principal that rejected our faith and we said this is what we were going to do and I stood.

Obedience is what has carried me thus far. Number One, my earthly father, militant, great, authoritative but obedience was the order of my life. Number 2 My Principal in the school and the one that employed me after I came out of university and even before going to university, obedience was the order of the day and then number 3 man in my life:

A militant preacher, a militant pastor (Reverend Oshokoya), the Pastor, the Overseer of our own Church (Apostolic Faith Mission) when I was still in that Church and then they didn’t agree with Evangelism and I saw the Word of God that says ‘Go ye into all the World and Preach the gospel to every creature’ and then I started a Bible Study and then I started Evangelism, I was still going to Church, I didn’t think that anything will happen because here is Bible…and then the Overseer called me and said…

‘You know what you are doing’? You want to have a church within a church and I said…
‘What does that mean-Church within a Church’?
Did I create any Church inside here?
He said ‘You are preaching.’
I said ‘Oh of course’…
And you are going out everywhere?
And you are telling people ‘Preach in the bus and preach everywhere?
I said ‘Of course’

He said ‘We don’t accept that here’
I said ‘So you don’t accept the whole Bible here’?
He said ‘That is not their doctrine’.
I said “but look at the Bible ‘Go into the world and preach the gospel to every creature.”

He said “This is no play. Listen to me; if you continue, and you do this which I have told you not to do; and you are quoting Bible to me, what will happen? We will cast you out of our church.”

I said “Go ahead and do it.’ I kept on obeying The Word of God. Eventually, (we are talking of something that took place 41 and a half years ago. Long long time ago) and then they announced my name and they said I wasn’t a member of that church anymore.

I didn’t recant, I didn’t compromise, I didn’t say “All my friends were there”. I had no friends in any other place. The only people I knew where in that place. It was an isolation. It was loneliness. But I said “Loneliness, Isolation, whatever, I am going to obey The Word of God.”

That’s what brought Deeper Life Bible Church and Deeper Christian Life Ministry. That’s why you are here today. The obedience of one man has made this possible all over our country. We’re still standing on that Holiness without which no man shall see The Lord. All the countries of Africa; we are standing on this Word of God “Follow Peace with all men and Holiness without which no man shall see The Lord.”

I have suffered so much for this obedience in my early years at home, at school, and in church; and now that my years are running to a close, I’m older now; I’m closer to the end than I was 40, 41 years ago. The whole word of God while I remain alive; whatever the challenge, whatever the persecution. Whatever the reaction, I will continue to the very end.

And you will continue to the very end in Jesus Name. Like father, like son. Like father, like daughter. Like father, like children. They came to me and they said “this is not the way.” I opened The Bible to them, I said “This is the way.” And I disobeyed anything that was not according to the consecration; that I’ve put my hands on the plough, I’m not looking back. I’m still like that today after I was converted (in) 1964. 1964 to this time, (if you) calculate, it’s a long long time, and yet I have remained on The Word.

I’m going to be obedient unto The Word until I die. I pass it to you now.
That same courage; I pass it to you.
That same Conviction; I pass it to you.
That same dedication in Deeper Life; it’s going to remain as Deeper Life. You’re going to be obedient to The Word in Jesus Name.

*Words in bracket by Leke Beecroft

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