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Today’s Devotional Message Topic: When God is Silent Part 5 Sub Topic: The fall of Koran, Dothan and Abiram

Today’s Devotional Message Topic: When God is Silent Part 5 Sub Topic: The fall of Koran, Dothan and Abiram

Today’s Devotional Message
Topic: When God is Silent Part 5
Sub Topic: The fall of Korah, Dathan and Abiram
By: Isaac O. Agbenla
Text: Isaiah 55:6-8

Seek ye the LORD while he may be found, call ye upon Him while he is near

Are there times when God could be silent even in the midst of great storm? Yes. This is the purpose of the series.

Today, we are taking our case study from the story of Korah, Dathan and Abiram.

In Numbers 16, Korah the Levites with cooperation of Dathan and Abiram starts rebellion against Moses and Aaron the servant of the Lord. Why? Because they wanted to have same influence like Moses and Aaron. The first lesson in this teaching is; never pursue greatness through physical confrontation otherwise you will making enemies for your life. Learning to outgrow your superior is not a sin but trying to dispose them before the expiration of their tenure can be disastrous. Through diligence and prayer, you can always overcome your adversaries even if they are in the ministry.

Second lesson is; don’t desire to exercise authority another man’s territory. Korah wanted more authority among the children of Israel and that led him to challenge if indeed God was behind Moses. He sorted to exalt himself and demote Moses who held enviable position in Israel and that move led to the destruction of 14,700 innocent souls that pitted their tent with these overambitious men.

Third lesson is: Never pitch your tent with an enemy of God or anyone who rebel against God. This could be a leader or a follower. Both can be wrong or be on the wrong side. There are dangerous leaders just as we have followers who are dangerously desire to demote their leaders to sit on their throne. In both categories, these men or women will do everything to subdue their subordinates. Beloved, never pitch your tent with the wrong one. God will never take side with the arrogant person.

Korah alleges that Moses is proving to be Holier than everyone. The purpose for his allegation was to make everyone equal so that Moses will have same level of authority as them over the people. What Koran had forgotten was that Moses was called to lead but he was only a follower.

Fourth lesson: Don’t thrive to hold beyond the space allocated to you by God. Stay within your boundaries until God allocates your portion to you. Sometimes you are assistant to a leader that want everything done at his own usual pace, maintain your position given to you and create other platform to manifest your talent so far you both don’t meet. I have once had a senior pastor who called me inside and said some things like “don’t be hurry to give your best, I want it gently”. This is not my style of pursuing excellence. When I hit the ground , I love to start but then, I managed to cope but many things almost died in me. But then, God was on time to restore it all. Most times, you don’t need your leaders followers to be a leader.

You can always be a leader to those you are becoming a blessing to. Look for avenue to be a blessing instead of entering battle with your superior. Many leaders love to have rule of their own followers, make your own disciples and be their mentor. There are many sheep out there wanting to be led.

Koran, Dathan, Abiram would have died with honour had it been they never tried to confront Moses. In their effort to dethrone and molest Moses before the congregation of Israel, they accepted Moses challenge to offer incense unto the Lord to proof their equality with Moses and Aaron. They truly offered it but were swallowed before the end of the event.

Finally, when the earth opened to swallowed them, they cried unto the Lord to rescue them but God was silent.

In Numb.16:34, the Bible says:

And all Israel that were round about them fled “AT THE CRY OF THEM”; for they said, lest the earth swallow us up also.

Korah, Abiram, and Dathan died mysteriously because of their arrogance, lack of respect for the anointed, disobedience to the God’s order among his people.
Beloved, God will not support your disobedience to his authority. Except he is behind your action, he will keep quiet when the consequences of all action shows up.

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