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TOPIC: WHO IS DOING US? By: Isaac O. Agbenla

TOPIC: WHO IS DOING US?  By: Isaac O. Agbenla

Good Afternoon Brethren,


By: Isaac O. Agbenl

Proverbs 22:29

Seest thou a man diligent in his business? he shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men

Any Church today that is not meeting the needs of the flocks is not better than a cinema house. Lack of balanced diet in churches today has produces prayer champions that are hardly champion in other spheres of life. Some churches remain at elementary stage of salvation and refuses to progress to teaching other basics principles of successful thereby producing religious folks that are liability to economic systems. When people’s needs are not met every other gymnastic in church compounds their frustration.

There are teachings that gives life-support after salvation otherwise, people would only disappointed when prayer is not producing desire result. We are seeing the domination of the kingdom of darkness over people who are in the light because of men who wrongly divide the word of truth -2Tim. 2:15

Devil continues to hide the truth about who we are in Christ thereby reducing giant to slaves in the world God has created for us to dominion as his heirs. I have said it again and again, if you are not blessed where you worship, move on. I normally tell people I invite to our church, if you’re not blessed by the service, you are free to go elsewhere. Simple.

One of the most devastating type of wrong teaching in the Church today is prayer against devil, curses from father’s and mother’s house, generational curses etc. Many locally located churches have made their members to think their failures in life is always the fault of devil without even teaching them to be responsible for their lives and shortcomings.

I have observed that many churches that devote their time fighting devil are full of blind people led by blind leader. Many people in such categories are those who are not doing fine in other areas of life except in religion.

You see, there is nothing wrong in waiting for some time before your effort yield harvest. If you’re waiting for the fruit of your labour, don’t always attach delay to devil but believe that seed and harvest time have intervals.

Such people have the believe that everything that is not working is devil’s handwork. Without good job, no skills, no well packaged abilities, no mental task for solution or efficient good time management, no good saving culture and yet devil is responsible for all their problems.

*If devil is responsible for all woes and hardship as some Christians claims, most especially in failing nations of Africa, why is China and other idol worshipping nations prospering?*.

I pray that God will open our eyes to this truth. It’s like a student who will not read but prays 10hrs and claim Satan is responsible for his failure.

I don’t doubt that devil could be responsible for some challenges but cases like this are few. Why do we major on minority? If devil is responsible for all forms of financial challenges, why are some pastors still believing God for financial stability? Is devil also manipulating them?

Seriously, many have been brainwashed to believe devil is responsible for everything. You are not submitting your CV because you have prayed in Church, you may wait 5years expecting miracle. It’s better to have something doing while waiting for devil from your father’s house’s to die. You are not learning new trade or skills, not changing your mindset through reading, no study on money making latest trending business etc yet you claim devil is responsible for your incompetences? Prayer won’t change stagnation that is caused by laziness and ignorance we you won’t do anything.

Beloved, as this year is coming to an end, re-strategize, learn new skills, develop yourself by reading educative books and seek God’s face for divine direction. How can you be under bondage when Jesus has given you liberty? Ignorance is the curse.

Sometimes, we behave in most Africans nations as if we are the only one that has demons in our lands. There are demons in the republic of China,the USA, Europe etc why is their demon not against there success?

Beloved, if demons can’t stop unbelievers, why are they stopping God’s people that has been raised to sit with Christ in heavenly places? For how long shall we be deceived by false teachings and devil’s concorted doctrines. This is why many us refuse to take responsibility for our lives believing the problem will be solved in Church and only through prayer. This is why any church that focuses only on devil and not the finishED work of Christ will always be filled with struggling people who pastor’s lies is there comfort. They are comforted that their reward is in heaven but we all know that it’s good to have heaven on earth.

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*Isaac O. Agbenla

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