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Topic: Avoiding Demonic Manipulation

Topic: Avoiding Demonic Manipulation

Topic: Avoiding Demonic Manipulation


This is Part 2 of my series on the topic *familiar spirit & their operations*. We would be discussing it’s effect on Christians who have visited diviners, astrologers, or even use horoscope. Any method used in gaining access into the spiritual realm apart from the power of the Holy Spirit is 100% demonic.

I stated likewise that many people are not filled with Holy Spirit and could not speak in tongue because they are ruled by another spirit that is not Holy Spirit and that is because they visit demonic shrines for help at a time unknown to them that they are still the demonic influence.

*Note: You re either led by Holy Spirit or unholy spirit. There is no standing on the fence about it*

Let me state today that demons have two missions on earth.

1. *Stop people from being saved, and when they fail to accomplish that,*

2. *Hinder people from serving God effectively -John 10:10*

You see, devil’s plan is to hinder you by all means from serving God to the fullness like you desire.

There are many things devil can introduce to accomplish this, it includes;

Starvation or famine
Barrenness of all kind
Demonic oppression
Addictions of any kind
Weakness and infirmities, all these are all traceable to the evil spirit.

Most importantly today, I want to talk on slavery as a weapon the enemy is using against Christian. Many people are slaves to habit they would not do willingly. *Many are slaves to cigarette, sex, masturbation, alcoholism etc to the extent that they can’t do without it*.

Listen, anything you want to stop doing but always fail to have victory has a spirit behind it. Some people who are addicted to fornication would not like to accept they are under demonic obsession (obsession means demonic manipulations in the mind which possession means demonic manipulations in the spirit man) but there is nothing we can do against the truth but for the truth. You are obsessed in your soul if you can’t stop it. If you can stop it, try stopping it for a year to confirm your ability to stop it.

Obsession is a form strong addiction to a negative thing. It’s a compel force that makes people do or act the way they wouldn’t want to. It’s a spirit manipulation to rule over the mind for the purpose of self destruction or societal misnomer.

How can you test if you are under demonic obsession?

Check if there is an addiction in your life you have tried again and again to stay away from but always fail most especially when they negative contrary to God’s instruction in the Bible. Satan will never make you addicted to prayer or studying of the word of God.

For example, if you are a smoker and has always promise not to smoke again but found yourself there again. It is not you again but the spirit of addiction that is manipulating you. Same goes to other addictions like watching pornography or masturbation, it is an act of devil enslaving you by your own body.

Many people confess their sin of immorality again and again but always falling a victim. Beloved, it is no longer you but unclean spirit or foul spirit that manipulate your mind to make your temple dirty. To be free from any addiction is simple but you must accept you are a captive before you can be delivered, if not, your struggle with those hidden sin continues. Until you accept your weakness and cry for help, demons will continue to destroy your testimony.

Remember, your real person is not the person we see in Church on Sunday lifting up fresh hands but who you are in the corner of your closet where no one sees you but God.

If you want to be free, salvation is the first step and then, meditation in the word follows

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Thanks for reading
Isaac Oluwaseun Agbenla

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