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When God is Silent Part 3

When God is Silent Part 3

Today’s Devotional Message
Topic: When God is Silent Part 3
Text: Isaiah 55:6-8
By: Isaac O. Agbenla

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We are considering Part 3 of possible cause of the silence of God when people call upon him.

Another reason why God could be silent concerning a case or request we made in prayers could be that the individual whose prayer is taking before the Lord has turned his heart against the Lord.

In Hosea 4:17, the Bible gives an example of a man that turned his heart against God, his name is Ephraim.

God says: Ephraim is joined to idols: let him alone.

This is terrifying. God invested so much in Ephraim by giving him the blessing of his senior brother. God loves him so much that be transferred the firstborn birthright to him instead of his brother Manasseh- Gen. 48:13-14.

Ephraim was blessed and forgot the God of Israel. He went fully into sin and defiled the temple of God- Hosea 5:3-15. That is the story of many of us today. We are quick to forget where we use to be when God raised us to sit among the princes.

You see, in the midst of comfort, it is very easy to forget God most especially when you’re not spiritually matured. Many people want God to bless them but they aren’t faithful to God in little. If you still withhold your 10% tithe from God, there is possibility that when your tithe is 1 million, you will not pay it.
Why do you think Solomon the great forgot God after that dramatic encounter he had with God that birthed his riches and unusual wisdom? He was very comfortable because there was no war.

Have you noticed that if you are not disciplined, it is when you have challenges and battles that you take God more serious? Yes. Remember why you fast and pray.

Beloved, if little negligence of God’s presence is not properly adjusted, it is possible for the hear to turned against the Lord.
When God is Silent, we must check if our first love is still burning in evangelism, follow up, visitation, giving and many more.

It’s better to make it right before God would say “let him be because I am done with him. May God never be done with us in Jesus name.

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*Isaac O. Agbenla

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