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My life Story

So yesterday was my convocation, it wasn’t an easy journey, it was thick but God was my strength I made it through. I had extra year in my part 3 coz of a serious heartbreak that occurred during my exams,then(yea am a love struck Person), I was totally broken I mean broken (a 4 years relationship), that i have invested a lot into and many more, it got to me that I wasn’t wise enough not not to mix education with pleasure. I cried to my God and he consoled me. I faced my worst nightmare, all my classmate are already ahead of me but God said “I will catch up”, I tell people proudly that I have extra year, many look at me and will be like haaaa she no get shame, trust me I no get. I made friends with my junior, pastor Olajide Wumi Abosede was my best woman, she stood by me, encouraged me and was always there for me. She will say “mama Sewa, victory is certain, it may only look like this now, the future is unto greater heights” I was so motivated, I was running the race admits tears and sorrow, depression came but I didn’t allow it to stay, God was there for me.

I invested my time in my books and things of God, I joined the Mission subgroup unit, where we go to faraway villages to plant churches, I was the pastor in one of this churches at Olugbade Village. I gave it everything it takes, when I get back to campus I look dirty and rough, i even fell down on bike. Once in a muddy water( it wasn’t funny).

Hearted Nugget was a passion I developed but became a mission to me after my relationship saga when God told me to teach people my experience.

Yes,many of my write ups are from my personal experience, I have learnt and seen many things at this my young age, and at the same time this is me.(smiles ).

I was blessed with few many guys that stood by me and believed in me, Aduratimileyin Akinboye, Adeola Olajire, Ogundele Victor, Adenike Aderibigbe Anointed Aderanti Adebayor(He indeed was a brother), my Lecturers were excellent people, my part advisers Dr. Omoneye Olasanmi this woman is a mother,always encouraging me, I love her, Mr Inneh, Mr Adebayo Quadri Lawal (Resolution)am forever grateful to you sirs and lastly my Mummy, that woman gave me half for my extra year school fees after my dad refused bluntly he won’t pay for my mistakes (oh yes, he warned me against that relationship but no i refused bluntly because I was in love I can’t leave him, stupid right?), but later he calmed down and later on gave me the money after I have paid from my savings (I was prepared for the battle so I started saving ahead). And that didn’t change their love and encouragement towards me, they pray like am there only child.

This is my story, though not detailed but still God fulfilled his promises. I got a job immediately after my set finished on campus and awaiting Nysc posting. I travelled to Lagos where God covered my shame. I finished my extra year and I was mobilized for Nysc, coming back from camp I got a promotion at work after HP from UK came and I was recommended. I decided to attend the convocation because I just wanted to celebrate my victory. No RICE OR CAKE, coz I did none except for snacks and drinks.

I hope you learn something from that story, Never Give Up, your best is yet to come. You can do it, go baby, go guy, you can always be the best still. I love you.


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