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The story behind the glory- Nathaniel Bassey

The story behind the glory- Nathaniel Bassey

There was a time I nursed a strong desire to travel abroad. As most young musicians, I wanted to tour the world. Even after I began to grow in Christ, I was not really dead to this wish. So we would go for visa interviews. The US & UK. In fact, all of those applications were by the church for conferences my late Pastor and Mentor wanted me to attend.
I remember some of the nights preceding the interviews. I’d pray all night, read chapters of the Bible. I mean read whole books out loud. Eg, Revelations, Some Psalms etc. sow seeds, etc. Then get to the embassy and get a very POWERFUL NO stamped on my passport. This continued for a few years.
But then as I grew in Christ, I became dead to traveling. That wish died. I couldn’t even be bothered. And I say this with every sense of humility and sincerity. I got to a point where the rejections never influenced what I thought of who God was/is to me. God and the things of God captured my heart. I’ve since found that in this Kingdom, “You will control & have whatever you are able to die to”
Today, The gates of the nations are practically opened to me. I travel so much, sometimes I don’t want to hear a thing about traveling. In fact, sometimes with special kinds of visas for a select few.
This is what I have found. If I had travelled those times, I would NOT be doing what I’m doing today. There probably won’t be the songs and things that have blessed the world today.
It was not time. My motive was not right. I would have, perhaps, traveled and ran away or stayed back. And certainly towing a path opposite to this.
Brothers & Sisters, sometimes what we call disappoints are actually deliverances. God’s amazing Grace and Mercy at work. Keeping us back from missing it.

Dear Friends, I pray with you today, that in our lives, only the WILL OF GOD shall be done and established, in His own way and time in Jesus’ name. …

Nathaniel Bassey

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