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Prayer Points

Prayer Points

ways of hearing godToday’s Prayer Points

TOPIC: – *BEFORE THEY CALL* Isa 65: 20—24


1. Father, before the end of this year let all my problems be over.

2. Some Miracles requires just one month. Gen. 29: 14-19. Prayer: Father, before this month is over let me shout for for joy.

3. Some Miracles need just one week. Gen 7:4 ; Exo. 20:11. Prayer: Father, within one week, let me testimonies be complete.

4. Some Miracles requires just one day. 2 Kings 7:1-11
Player: Father, before this time tomorrow, let my breakthrough come.

5. There are Miracles that can’t wait till tomorrow. They must happen now. Matt 14:23- 32
Prayer :Father, in the Mighty name of Jesus, deal with my case now.

6. Some Miracles happen before you call. Isa. 65:20-24 ; Exo. 15:22-25; 1Kings 17:8-16.
Prayer: Father, that miracle you reserved with my name on it before the foundation of the world, please release it now in Jesus name.

7. Father, that miracle you have reserved for my neighbour please release it now. In Jesus Mighty name.

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